Thursday, February 17, 2011

Emma Frost and Professor X are Retarded?

January Jones does an interview with MTV News (the oldest news source on cable....where's Matt Loeder and his amazing skin) The best part of this interview is that she calls what her and James Macavoy doing 'retarded'

Now I know its not PC to use that term to describe anything other than a mental condition...however.

I am sooooo guilty of it and so is probably 90% of America. You can see her get all worked up over the fact that she used the term because she was being so casual, so you know she uses it a lot, but then she had to back track, it would have been funny if she followed it up with a 'he looked totally gay...wait, but not in a bad way...wait no...' HA.  Oh January Jones, I actually have more respect for you.

Here's the clip