Monday, January 3, 2011

My year at a glance

I looked over this past year, between my calendar and my facebook status' and can see what an interesting year it has been.


Began the Burger Blogs and Date night with my wife was born 
Designed a tattoo for myself of just Cyclops of the X-Men
First holiday over at my parents house with the entire family in eight years
Sledding with the kids
Austin won the Terrific Kid award at school
I joined as the pop culture writer.


Problems with our Jeep Liberty
First the ignition breaks and I have to take the whole steering column apart 
put it back together and install a new key system, crazy stuff and I still can't believe I did it.
Then before the end of the month, Kort backs the jeep up into a truck and smashed the rear window.


Tina's Birthday celebration
Got all of the Green Lantern Rings (accidentally ordered two sets for Austin's birthday)
Took the kids on a tour of Elmwood
The Boom Page was created
I had my turkey dinner lunch served in a Taco Bowl at work and created an epidemic on taco bowls
We had the Pong Tournament where we were ROBBED!
Road Trip to Wizard World with Kort and Dalt - met so many cool stars, Honky Tonk Man, Dale Arden, Buck Rogers, Kevin Nash, Iron Shiek, and more...
Jericho finally won at Wrestlemania
I got my wrist tattoo (no cyclops yet)


My staff filled my office with newspapers for April fools day
I auditioned for the National Anthem at the Bison's stadium and bombed.


Emma staples her fingers together and ends up in triage
Tina and I had an amazing dinner at this little Mexican restaurant in Amherst
Dyllan breaks his wrist and ends up in the same triage 2 weeks later
Syd does the corn dance no triage needed
We build Thor's hammer
Lost comes to an end, so we have a party


Monday Night Raw goes crazy and Nexus is born
Kortney gets me North on VHS for Father's Day and I ball like a baby
Chris Jericho tweets one of my articles and I almost ball like a baby


We win a WWE chair from WWE for ordering the PPVs
We go on a boat ride with some of the family and have an amazing shirtless time
Syd and Dennis lose it on The UFO at Darien lake
I win a Psych baseball cap from the writers of my favorite show on TV - Psych


I finally get my X-Men tattoo that includes not just Cyclops but Gambit as well,
it feels like it takes forever and really really hurts
I get a compliment on my art from one of the actual artists working on X-Men on Facebook
My picture appears in the back of the Avengers Academy comic book
I get published on the Philadelphia newspaper website
Dyllan and I go see Disturbed and stand in the rain and have an amazing time
The Boom Page gets a make over and gets more fans


I get Batman converse sneakers for my birthday
Septemeber 21st Mr. 100 Days begins


We have a blast at the East Aurora Pumpkin Fest and Bar b'que festival
Dennis and I nearly die eating 10 pounds of food in an eating challenge
Austin and I work the Buffalo Comic Con all day
Tina and I have a great weird day touring collectibles shows and flea markets
I achieve the #1 writer spot on Bleacher Report
We have my parents over for Halloween Dinner
We take part in a Scavenger Hunt that ends with us having pizza at Renee Roberts house


I get my wisdom teeth pulled
Have a huge Thanksgiving breakfast with even more people this year
And Scott Pilgrim becomes the official Thanksgiving movie to watch


We go to Dylan Brozyna's play and have a great time
Rey the hamster joins our house
We finally go on vacation after nearly 10 years of being together Tina and I, along with Kort and Dalton, and Dennis and Amanda drive 30 hours (due to crappy weather) to Florida to visit Universal Studios and Harry Potter.

Sprinkled throughout that year we also have Dyllan's concerts at Buff State, Drive In nights, Tuesday night movies, midnight bowlings, drama, sickness, family problems, new restaurants, old favorites, more car problems, roof problems, ceiling issues, ceiling fixes, dogs, pools, Green Day Concert and all that other insanity that seems to follow us throughout the days...

Through it all no matter what we press on, we remember the good times, work on the bad times and try to learn from the really bad times.