Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Will WWE break the mold and bring in new Divas?

If you look at the Divas in the WWE, and how can you not, they seem to fit a certain look, beautiful thin, athletic women. Two women Beth Phoenix, right here from my home town of Buffalo NY, and the recently released Mickie James were the only two who didn't fit into the same body type that the rest of the diva's are in. Beth being called 'The Glamazon' due to her larger more muscular stature and Mickie James actually had a story line where two of the women mocked her weight. The purpose of that story line was to really bring the heat to the the female heel team of Lay-Cool, because in fact Mickie wasn't over weight, she looked great, she just didn't fit the Barbie Doll mold of the other Divas.

Now TNA has lost several of their Knockouts and you have to wonder if WWE will bring in women who don't fit the current look of the Diva roster.

Bring back Victoria! In TNA she was Tara but everyone still new she was Victoria, she's in great shape, and a beautiful women her only issue the WWE might have is her age, she's 38. But could you imagine the draw the show would get if they actually went with that. How many moms love wrestling?! Tons! Real women watch wrestling, and showing a women of her age still competing hard with the younger crowd would be a great story to use. I'm slightly biased when it comes to Victoria, she reminds me a bit of my wife, (she puts in those red highlights for me) I however don't think I'll ever look like her favorite Batista, sorry honey.

Roxxi and Taylor Wilde. Two former Knockouts, but to be honest, I'm not a big TNA fan so I can't recall if I've seen them preform. They seem to have the look that WWE would use, especially Wilde who looks like TNA's watered down version of Kelly Kelly but not sure if we need two more Divas that would just blend into the rest.

Awesome Kong. Her I've seen preform, and she's good, she's a powerhouse who threw around the Knockouts and played to her strength of being a big woman. Even Stone Cold Steve Austin said the WWE should bring her in on his Twitter account. I was never a fan of her name though, I find it mean, I understand she's a big woman but Kong? She should join the Divas and absolutely go after Lay-Cool and bring up the fact that they have an issue with women who aren't a size 1.

We would no doubt have to change her name, not only for copyright purposes but just because no woman wants to be known as Kong.

ODB, Jessica Kresa, just recently left TNA and her I've also seen preform and I thought she was great. She's another very real looking woman. She's strong, attractive and has that bad girl look to her that would go over great in the Diva's division. Her going against Phoenix would be great, and then if the two of them teamed up as some Amazon team, even better! Heck, give her a name like Artemis or some other Goddess warrior.

The gimmick of drinking from a flask and slapping herself in the chest won't fit in the PG WWE, but that should stay with TNA, their southern audience might have liked that but we need to bring her to a new worldly level. She'd be a great Divas champion and has huge potential.

Its talked that TNA will probably make a big deal of Mickie James joining TNA and joining the Knockouts, what better way to quell any type of hype that would get by bringing in at least three of their shows former high profile Knockouts. WWE if your reading this, we don't always need pillow fights and bikini contests, have a mix of both and its bound to be good things.