Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trailer Love

No, this isn't about two people who share a home on wheels that can be hit by a hurricane at any moment, this is about movie trailers. I love movie trailers, I'm never that guy that says, "oh we can be late, we'll just miss the trailers" I LOVE the trailers. Its that part where it acceptable to talk out loud and give a movie review in 5 seconds.

"That looks stupid"

"Oh MY GOD, I didn't know he was in that!"

I'm fortunate enough that Time Warner actually has a channel dedicated to movie trailers, its something I tune into every once in a while, just to get my fix, see whats coming out and whats new.

Odd thing is, you used to have to worry that some of the funniest scenes of a movie were just the trailers, and then the movie would stink, HOWEVER, i've noticed thats not so much the case anymore, in fact lately some of the trailers contain footage not even in the movie.

Two big ones that I've recently noticed:

Iron Man 2

This scene here where Pepper kisses the helmet and then throws it off the plane. Never happened. In fact she wasn't even on the plane in the beginning of the movie, she was already in the crowd at the Stark Expo.

Scarlett Johansen wears the power glove from Nintendo. Or rather Iron Man's glove and gets to fire off a shot. Never happened. Not once did she interact with Tony in this fashion, the dress she's wearing is from his birthday party, but he didn't wear that suit, he was wearing a different one.

Last night I went to see Get Him to the Greek, and while yes there were times I leaned over to tell my friend to be quiet, I'm sure I didn't miss all of these scenes, I'm guessing because its a comedy they ad lib a lot and use what works.

In the preview this guy talks about Mexican Jonas brothers, in the film he talks about Chocolate Daddy. Apparently thats funnier than Mexican Jonas Brothers.

Looked real funny in the preview. Not in the movie. And while there are a lot of video clips of strange music videos, I certainly don't remember this or did it have anything to do with the movie.

In the trailer P Diddy talks about using an adrenaline needle on the rock star, and Jonah Hill says "like in Pulp Fiction." The needle makes it in the movie, this scene as well as their hugging scene does not.

So now apparently we don't have to worry about the funniest scenes in the trailer being the best scenes of the movie, we have to worry the funny trailer isn't even in the movie.