Monday, June 7, 2010

National VCR Day means old Anime!

It's June 7th, national VCR Day, I haven't had a VCR hooked up to the TV in years. I started with the combo deal but we eventually just went pure DVD player.
Cleaning out the garage last week I found a whole bunch of my VHS tapes that I held onto and didn't pick up a DVD version of, predominately Japanese Anime and some great old Marvel cartoons and all of the Incredible Hulk TV movies.
So when I went to drop off some donations to a the local thrift store I saw one for $5.00 and scooped it up. So in honor of national VCR day, I think I'll pop in some tapes and rewind some good stuff and watch some classics such as:

Fatal Fury! Based off the fantastic arcade game, many a days were spent at the McKinley Mall dark arcade honing my martial art skills in one on one video game action.

Samurai Showdown The Movie.
See a theme here? Yes I loved arcade martial arts games and to have movies based on the characters of the games made it even cooler.
The samurai who threw bottles of alcohol at you in the game was one of my favorites.

Of course this also had Galiford and his dog Poppy doing battle representing the USA. Because nothing says America like a blonde ninja and his dog.

Fist of the North Star!

Not to be confused with the series they had, that wasn't as good.
The movie was fantastic!

His Bruce Lee noise making combined with Goku Dragon Ball action made for a fantastic violent gory movie.

My personal favorite, Street Fighter!  There were a couple of different movies as well as the series, the series was great, I had to wait months to pick up all of the individual VHS tapes, its one of the ones I regret not having picked up on DVD yet. The adventures of Ken and Ryu meeting all of the other game characters battling M. Bison, is just golden. Poor Jean Claude Van Damme, you tried to make this live action, but maybe if you didn't play the role of the worst character in the game, Guile and M. Bison wasn't played by Raul Julia, the dad from Addams Family, you might have done better. Didn't help that Kylie Minogue was in the movie either. Yuck. Stick with animated when it comes to Street Fighter!