Friday, May 28, 2010

Before he was Prince of Persia

There's an article in the Buffalo News Gusto today in regards to Jake Gyllenhaal. They discuss the Prince of Persia movie released today, and his body of work. But there's a line in the article that says:
'So what's this dedicated thespian doing in sixth-century armor, leaping walled citadels in "Prince of Persia" a $150 Million Walt Disney sword-and-sandals saga adapted from a video game?'

Prior to that line they list Jake's movies  Donnie Darko, The Good Girl, Lovely & Amazing, Jarhead, Rendition, Zodiac, Brothers and of course Brokeback Mountain.

Funny though, they seem to have left two off. No mention at all of The Day After Tomorrow or one of my all time cult classic films Bubble Boy.

And while yes, Mr. Gyllenhaal has made a lot of serious dramatic films, he has also starred in one of the oddest of all. Enjoy: